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I will share this hat information with others. The Hart’s are beautiful and a high quality fabric. I especially loved the packaging as it was like opening a gift. Also, next day delivery was a great feature of your company. Excellent all the way around! I will order from you again.
- Mary M. February 26, 2019
Testimonial quote
This site had just what I was looking for...I have just lost my hair due to chemo.....it has been an emotional experience...the products I have seen give me a renewed sense of well-being and at the same time makes me feel fashionable again...I highly recommend this site.....thank you
- Caroline February 04, 2019
I saw another cancer patient wearing a beautiful scarf hat and she told me she bought it in hats for you. The quality of the material was outstanding and I love all the styles, prints and type of material available on the website.
- Mari January 04, 2019
I really like Hats For You products. They are comfortable, warm, well fitting, and stylish. They come in a versatile variety of colors, and match my wardrobe well. I would definitely buy from this company again
- Raz November 09, 2018
I love this hat! I shaved my hair off for my daughter. She had to have all of her beautiful long hair shaved off for brain surgery. She is only 20 and I didn't want her to go through it alone. So I bought a few beanies to try out. This one is my favorite!!! I do have what some people say is a small head. I think is average. The hat fits very comfortable. Stays in place for sleeping. And looks nice enough to wear out of the house as well. I'm definitely gonna order more!!! It is actually just a smidge big but it doesn't fall off or move around at all. I think it is just right and the material is warm on my bare head without being too much!!! Great hat!!!
- Kimberly L September 18, 2018
Since recently being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was shocked, but I'm going through all my chemo to kill this nasty disease. My hair was down to my butt, had to cut 48" off to make 7" pony tails to donate to other cancer patients for wigs before my hair fell out which it is doing now. I am tolerating the chemo quite well, no nausea or other issues. I pray this chemo med will kill all the cancer in my body so I can be cancer free soon. Thank you for a beautiful site for head covers to keep us looking good and confident. Your stock is overwhelming, it was hard for me to choose. I look forward to my order coming in a week or so. Thank you for helping cancer patients have beautiful head covers to keep up our confidence and beauty.
- Amy August 21, 2018
I was diagnosed breast cancer 2 months before. After the 4th chemo treatment, my hair kept falling. I was upset even I know it was normal thing could happen. I bought a wig, pure human hair, still feel uncomfortable to wear all day along. So I want to find some special stuff which can be worn during the daytime. My friend tell me I can find something from hats for you. It is did. Thank you.
- Judy August 01, 2018
Hats For You was like an answer to my prayer. I no longer have to worry about what I need to do to cover my head. Any head wear that I need is right here on one website. There is such a huge selection of beautiful vibrant colors. I wish I could get them all!
- Lynn July 08, 2018
I'm a cancer patient and have ordered several things. I've also handed out your catalog and website to nurses and other patients that have asked about where I got the cap I was wearing.
- MK July 02, 2018
I am a returning customer and I'm happy with my previous purchase. I do think that that scarves are pricey but they are competitive with other merchants. I also wish there was a "view all" section so you didn't have to keep going through several pages
- Kerrid May 12, 2018
This is my first time using the online shopping site for purchase from hatsforyou. I usually make my purchase directly from the store. The experience was very nice and easy and I intend to continue making my future purchases in the future.
- Pennywise April 21, 2018
Your head coverings are beautiful. Just a bit pricey for those of us who are going through cancer and have added expenses going on. I can't wait to receive what I did purchase.
- maddog April 11, 2018
My wife began chemo treatments and knowing she was going to lose her hair I started looking online for options - I didn't realize how big the market for chemo caps was hats for you seems to have a great selection and many more styles then most. My wife loved them so I ordered 2 more.
- Rick March 17, 2018
This company is consistently dependable and prompt. The customer service department is friendly, helpful and professional. Nothing but good to say.
- Crewlady March 15, 2018
I recently received an order for hats and it made my day that you all took the time to wrap them in pink tissue paper tied with a pink bowI have Alopecia and no eyebrows or eyelashes and it really affects my self image as a woman so it was such a “girlie thing” that I got to unwrap my hats Thank you!!
- Denise Bell March 14, 2018
The speed, ease and selection here are fantastic. My only comments are suggestions. It would be nice to have a few heavier weight fabrics for winter, like maybe a knit. And one or two hate styles coming in a "plus" size would be a great benefit. Even without hair, some of us have big heads and the standard fit doesn't always cover the bottom of the skull.
- C. F. December 25, 2017
I am going through chemo right now and it's really hard to find some nice hats to wear and I really enjoy your selection and the options you guys have
- Dianne November 15, 2017
Thoroughly delighted and absolutely love their headscarves! They go above and beyond from the packaging, the design, materials, stitching, just everything has been thought out with immense care and love! I ordered a few items from another place as well and was so disappointed with their products etc., after having experienced HFY quality made and comfortable products.Highly recommend Hats For You to anyone who has suffered hair loss. Give them a try, you will not regret it, in fact I just placed a second order, just love the Mini Calypso's!
- MoiLoree April 03, 2017
I had a problem finding the merchandise I was looking for so I called and was pleased with the help I received
- Deb February 11, 2017
Never heard of you before. Made a call to inquire about products/colors. Felt that I got very personal service over the phone; not like a huge company in which I'm speaking to someone in another country!
- Judy February 02, 2017
I no longer have total hair loss from chemo but what hair I have now is very thin so sometimes I just want to cover it instead of trying to camouflage it all. This hat is just what I wanted because it can be worn so many ways and always looks fashionable.
- Oregan J September 05, 2016
I have lost my hair due to chemo. I purchased the hat with hair and I am very satisfied. I had seen this type of product before but the hair was permanently attached to the hat. Your product gives me much more options, as I can change hats with different outfits because the hair is attached with Velcro. Price was great.
- Stephanie August 27, 2016
I have alopecia and had bought these hair pieces from another company who discontinued them for years. I was so happy to find that your company was making them. They are twice the cost. But twice as nice
- Becki July 30, 2016
The quality is unmatched by any other company that sells chemo caps; they are comfortable, wash and dry well and they are current and in style. I've reordered from them several times already.
- SheilaP June 21, 2016
Super nice head cover! I hate the ones that give a 'pointy' head look. yuk. This one looks cool on the head and gives you confidence. Even women without cancer can have a 'bad hair' day. This will save the day. :-)
- Mickey M May 12, 2016

Thank you for providing a product that isn't just comfortable but attractive and easy to wash and wear. I purchased a beanie from Amazon by Hats by You; fell in love with it and then went to your personal website and ordered three more. It's such a relief that they aren't "old lady" beanies, they're comfortable, easy to wear, don't lose their shape and wash well and come in an attractive array of colors and patterns.

I'm sure you hear this all the time but losing my hair was unsettling but your active beanies really helped me deal with the dreaded Cancer and hair loss that accompanies it.

Thank you,

- Sheila Strong March 28, 2016
My husband found this website for me. He loved it because they had, to him, a much more modern flashy bubbly look the other Chemo cap websites. The prices are so so, we did find better prices on other websites but none that looked at good these.
- Sabi March 27, 2016
A really great selection of different styles, colors, and patterns, all good-looking. A real boon for someone undergoing chemotherapy treatments (or just looking for head coverings in general). So much more here than on other sites I explored, and some very reasonably priced options. Very pleased I found this site. Thanks!
- ArcherWoman February 20, 2016
Unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer. I received a couple hats for a gift and have been ordering since. I love them and they are so comfortable !
- Online Shopper January 16, 2016
Really like that these hats are light weight so your head does not overheat. Cheery colors too. Lots to choose from.
- Sharon January 06, 2016
I've had alopecia for 24 years and never found a head cover I love as much as these chemo caps! Thank you,
- Stephanie January 04, 2016
Very nice selection of head wear - the only problem is that the exchange rate is way too high right now -however I do need head wear right now as I am loosing my hair due to chemo-therapy. Canadian money is only about $.70 on U.S. dollars
- Granny January 01, 2016
Thank you for my hats, they are lovely, wishing you all a Merry Christmas.
- Jayne South Australia December 22, 2015
Beautiful hat for my mom. She was so thrilled to get this because she feels beautiful and confident in spite of the hair loss due to cancer. Thank you for providing such a fabulous product and service!!
- Online Shopper December 20, 2015
Hello Hats For You. I just wanted to let you know that the two hats which I ordered from you only last week have arrived and they are wonderful. Thank you for the very quick delivery and for the hat catalogue. I have shown the catalogue to my friends on chemo and they loved them. I think they would like to order some and I certainly will be treating myself to some more. I was very impressed with the hats, but also the speed at which you got them to me considering they had to go to the other side of the Atlantic!! Many thanks once again. Best wishes, Gillian Mitchell.
- Gillian M. December 12, 2015
I love your products! I decided I'd rather where these than a wig after losing my hair to chemo from a breast cancer diagnosis. They make me feel beautiful and I don't feel like I'm trying to hide or be someone that I'm not. I get compliments ALL the time and have referred others to your sight.
- Kris66 December 09, 2015
Appreciated that fabric descriptions were included. Very important to me.
- Tia December 08, 2015
I am an attorney in the midst of chemotherapy. I was very shocked by the fashionable styles and beautiful patterns offered by hats for you. I can wear these items to work as well as out for evening events. Hope the products are comfortable.
- Online Shopper December 05, 2015
Wonderful selection with styles and colors for everyone! I was thrilled to not have to purchase these items at a store, or have to even FIND one that carries these special items.
- Deb December 02, 2015
Just received my headscarves. They're wonderful! I love them! Thank you ever so much, Lise
- Lise P November 30, 2015
I received my order of hats yesterday and I was so impressed with the presentation of my package. The pink tissue paper and ribbon is a nice touch which is something you get when you buy at a fancy boutique. I work at a cancer center and will be recommending your website to our patient navigator to share with other patients. I love all of the items I ordered and really like the Kerchief hats as they fit nicely and are much easier to put on than a bandanna. I think this style of hat should be promoted on your website as an easy hat to put on (especially those with neuropathy). Sometimes, it is hard putting on hats and trying to hold a mirror in the other hand to assist with the tying. The kerchief style is great because of the built in hat which ensures full scalp coverage. I am glad I searched your website on line because, I have ordered hats from other sites and was disappointed by the quality and fit. Thank you, Shelly
- Shelly C. November 25, 2015
I first found these hats and bought two at Mass General Hospital. Needed more variety, so I looked them up online. Great selection! I wish you had a lower threshold for free shipping, but it's not a dealbreaker.
- Lesley November 23, 2015
Just wanted to say Thank You so much, it got here quickly...Your The Best... Thanks
- Tania L November 22, 2015
I just received my order.I chose the chemo activity cap and the shirred cap. I love the quality of the fabric and they drape nicely.They look like hats I would wear even if I didn't need to! I also love that they are made in the US.Thank you.
- Carol November 19, 2015
Bought hats for my Mom when she was on chemo. She passed 10/20/15. I am going to wear her caps, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Quality of caps excellent. Ordered 2 solids today.
- Anonym November 13, 2015
I love your hats!! Best ones for chemo treatments! Thank you!!
- Anonim November 13, 2015
Beautiful options for scarves. I'm excited to see it once it's delivered!
- Halie November 13, 2015
They are the best site for lifting the spirits of a cancer victim! The variety of products to help you feel beautiful during the battle with cancer is wonderful.
- Sweetlu November 13, 2015
I just lost all of my hair because of Chemotherapy. Glad to find this site, where their prices are a little more reasonable than some others I've seen.
- Dawny November 13, 2015
i was pleased to see the variety of head pieces you offered. thankyou
- axel November 13, 2015
I look forward to receiving my order of beautiful scarves for chemo patients.
- Jasug November 13, 2015
I was looking for knitted hat patterns and stumbled across your website. What a wonderful service and products you have for those who have lost their hair to chemo! Your products are beautiful, stylish, and trendy. Any woman would feel beautiful wearing these. Keep up the good work, and bless you for ministering to this group of people.
- Karen F. November 11, 2015
I am recovering from cancer treatments and saw this product on a friend who highly recommended it. Can't wait for it to arrive. Just hope I chose the right shade.
- Online Shopper November 11, 2015
The 2nd order was for a friend. I LOVE your hats.
- Online Shopper November 03, 2015
I love the style and colors of the hats. I purchased 2 today for my aunt in Puerto Rico. I hope she gets this order in time and that she's happy. I believe I will continue to order monthly since my dear aunt needs them.
- chija October 30, 2015
Nice photos and pics. Description of material cotton, rayon, polyester very important for making choices
- Liz October 26, 2015
No e-mail was sent to me. I called and then called back to tell the person I talked to that me package had arrive to my surprise.
- Online Shopper October 25, 2015
I love their reversible style - the best style I have ever had for women with cancer. Though I ordered their other styles and they run too tight and I have a small head (such as their two way style). I wish they offered more small prints and less huge flowered prints, small prints can match up with more and look more sophisticated.
- Kim October 22, 2015
Good selection of hats for you. Very colorful and innovative in style and colors.
- Nita December 22, 2014
I was really surprised how fast my order was shipped. My daughter bought some scarves and hats from you when she found out I had cancer and would lose my hair. She found your web site and was impressed with your variety of options, so was I.
- Online Shopper July 20, 2013
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