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Hair Loss Hats

Hair Loss Hats

People who have cancer generally have to undergo Chemo treatments, and when they do, they will lose their hair. Here at Hats For You, we have hair loss hats. These hats have hairpieces. This is an excellent alternative to wigs. Wigs are hot and uncomfortable to wear. The hair loss hat is much easier, and you stay cool while looking great. With these hats, you can do things like play tennis, play baseball or ride a bike. The hair pieces can be changed for a different look. They are sold as a hat/hair combo or just the hairpiece.

Baseball Cap and Interchangeable Hairpiece

This cap is made from cotton and is adjusted with velcro.  The hairpiece is sixteen inches long. It can be styled in several different ways. The hairpiece attaches right above your ears and to the inside of the cap with a velcro strip. You can buy more hairpieces or caps and interchange them around any way you prefer.

You can also get the headbands the same way and change them out as well. There are many combinations you can create.

Long Flapper Hat

The Long Flapper Hat is another of the hair loss hats available. This is a casual hat that can be worn with confidence. It is fuller at the crown, and this makes people think there is hair under it when they look at you. It is made in the United States and comes in several colors. This is great for any patient with a hair loss condition.

Brimmed Hats

A brimmed hat is great if you want to be outdoors or active. The visor protects you from the sun, and since it covers your head entirely, it will also help keep your head cool. The back of the hat is decorated with a bow, lace or flowers.  It is made of 100% cotton and adjustable by tying in the back making it one size fits all.

Cloche Hat

The cloche hat is one of the favorite hair loss hats. It is a crocheted hat and is excellent for any season of the year. It is breathable and allows your head to get air. The cloche will cover the entire head so it will protect from the sun. It is made with cotton yarn. The brim is bucket-shaped, and about one and a half inches wide and can be worn either down or up. The crown is eight inches deep. It is one size fits most and made in the USA.


One other favorite is the Beret. The beret is adorable and stylish. They are designed to make a woman feel elegant and classy. It is lined with cotton and very comfortable. It covers the entire head and comes in a variety of colors. The French Beret is always in style. Since it is knit, it keeps the head warm during the winter. The lining is lined with cotton and wide which gives the illusion that there is the real hair under it.

No matter which kind of hat you choose. All these are excellent hair loss hats. Losing your hair is tough, but with one of these hats, things are just a little bit easier.

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Hair Loss Hats Hair Loss Hats Hair Loss Hats

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