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Welcome to Hats For You Online

Hats For You is a unique, upscale fashion company specializing in woman hats, turbans, scarves, and other headwear designed especially for those experiencing hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, lupus, alopecia, trichotillomania or other medical issues.

Our hats, which are carefully crafted products for hair loss patients, includes a variety of hats for cancer patients, headscarves, turbans, headbands, baseball caps with hair, berets and chemo night caps and are available in a wide range of colors and materials. Hats For You strives to combine fashion with comfort and provide the best quality fabrics. If you have a friend or family member going through chemotherapy, let us help you give a gift from the heart to help them feel pretty & attractive in even their darkest of days.

Our greatest reward is knowing that our one-of-a-kind products are helping our clients get through such difficult times. We take pride in our efficient service and in the fact that all of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

We are pleased to offer FREE standard shipping for orders totalling over $49.99.

History of Hats For You

       In 1992 Margaret Foltyn started a small business sewing clothing for several Chicago fashion designers and a few local fashion houses. When one of her employees was diagnosed with cancer in 2001, the focus of her business shifted. Her employee, Janina, was going through hair loss due to her chemotherapy treatments and was very unhappy with her choice of cancer head coverings. Margaret decided to design something better and prettier for her friend. Janina was thrilled! When she started creating the new cancer head wear for Janina the rest of her employees wanted help her. They all wanted to be there for their friend so they made several stylish cancer hats for her to wear with her entire wardrobe.




 Other women cancer patients started asking Janina where her cancer hats were from and in a very short while, Margaret’s little company started making special orders for these women cancer patients. Pretty soon they had created so many new designs that a dear friend, Lynn Davis, suggested that Margaret form a company focused on stylish hats and head wear for women with cancer and hair loss.Hats for You was born! Lynn had been working in the field of medical sales but began selling Margaret’s cancer head wear to hospital boutiques. At that time there were very few companies creating hats and head wear for cancer patients.




Margaret and her small group of sewers were creating women’s cancer hats for so many hospitals that she had to stop sewing for most of the designers and all of the small fashion houses. Their focus was now to create stylish chemo caps and head wear for women going through hair loss due to chemo as well as alopecia and other hair loss conditions. Janina was not the only cancer survivor who has worked for Hats for You. Margaret feels very fortunate to have other cancer survivors working for her. Their advice and suggestions are often the inspiration for a new design. Every season Margaret creates a new design for Hats for You concentrating on comfort but staying focused on women’s fashion too.




Everyone at Hats for You is determined that each of their creations will not only be functional, but that it will make the woman wearing it feel pretty and confident. Hats for You creates their stylish and comfortable cancer hats and head scarves with only high quality fabrics. Many of the fabrics come from mills in Italy, France and Japan making their women’s cancer hats unique. The cancer hats and headscarves from Hats for You are created and hand sewn in Chicago, Illinois and shipped all over the world. When you wear a creation from Hats for You , you will know that is has been designed for your comfort and unique style by people who care about how you feel.


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